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March 2015


FYIs are articles that consider current issues, law changes and significant court decisions. To suggest a topic for a future FYI, please click on the 'Suggest an FYI' page on the left hand navigation bar. To receive FYIs via email on your choice of topic, please click on 'register to receive our publications' at the end of this page.

FYI: Construction Law – The Construction Contracts Amendment Bill - Nearly there!

06 Mar 2015

Two years on from when it was first introduced, New Zealand’s construction industry is still eagerly anticipating the passage of the Construction Contracts Amendment Bill (Bill) into law. The Bill is currently awaiting its third reading in Parliament...

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FYI: Privacy Law – Put ‘privacy’ at the top of the agenda

06 Mar 2015

Last year it was health and safety, this year privacy should be on every board room agenda. This FYI highlights some of the privacy issues facing corporates when dealing with personal information and big data....

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FYI: Employment Law – Rude baker takes the cake in damages

05 Mar 2015

The Human Rights Review Tribunal (Tribunal) has awarded Karen Hammond, a former employee of NZCU Baywide (NZCU) a record $168,070 in damages after finding that NZCU breached her privacy. The case raises issues about privacy in the context of social networking...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – 2014 Christmas Crackers

19 Dec 2014

It is time to look back on a busy year in the intellectual property world as we head into the silly season. In this article, we report on some of the curious intellectual property issues that have arisen in 2014...

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FYI: Employment Law – Reinstatement – not the primary remedy, but a growing trend?

03 Dec 2014

Four recent decisions serve as a reminder to employers that reinstatement, while no longer the primary remedy, is still a real risk...

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