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July 2015

FYI: Privacy Law – Drone regulation taking off

24 Jul 2015

Drones are a unique piece of technology that have been capturing the headlines in recent months. Drones have many legitimate and advantageous uses, but just as equally, they are capable of misuse...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – Trend spotting: non-traditional trade marks are hot right now

21 Jul 2015

Like many areas of the law, trade mark practice is well established and slow to change. So, when IP practitioners spot a trend in the approach to trade mark protection, it is generally worth talking about...

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Feature Article: Taking the pulse of local government in New Zealand 2015

20 Jul 2015

Our new report identifies what Mayors and Chairs of local authorities think are the major issues facing their communities and organisations...

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FYI: Competition Law – Update

16 Jul 2015

In this FYI we report on the Commerce Commission’s Strategic Intelligence Report, recently released under the Official Information Act. We also provide an update on the recent CFMEU decision of the Full Federal Court in Australia ...

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FYI: Media Law – Harmful Digital Communications Act: what you need to know

03 Jul 2015

Whether you’re an online host or a social media user, the new Harmful Digital Communications Act affects you. It will become law as soon as it receives Royal assent – tipped to be next Monday, 6 July 2015...

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FYI: Intellectual Property Law – Revocation - is your trade mark vulnerable?

25 Jun 2015

Applying for and getting registration of a trade mark in New Zealand is relatively simple. However, having a trade mark registration does not necessarily give you protection forever...

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FYI: Employment Law – Vetting for workers with children to be more vigilant

12 Jun 2015

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 came into force on 1 July 2014 and is intended to support the Government’s strategy of improving the well-being of vulnerable children...

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FYI: Tax Law – Employee share scheme tax rules under review

09 Jun 2015

There is evidence internationally that employee participation in employee share schemes (ESS), such as share options and purchase rights, contributes to increased growth and productivity and fosters loyalty...

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