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News: Know of defamatory content on your Facebook page? Remove it

Administrators of Facebook pages will be liable if they know of defamatory content published on their page and fail to remove it.…

25 Sep 2014

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News: Are your consumer contracts "fair"?

Earlier this year we published a general “Consumer Law Reform - Looking ahead at 2014” news alert. It included a brief overview of the upcoming prohibition on unfair contract terms in standard form consumer contracts. This prohibition will be governed by the Fair Trading Act 1986 (FTA) and take effect on 17 March 2015. With this date fast approaching, it is time for businesses to start thinking about whether their standard form consumer contracts will be compliant.…

24 Sep 2014

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News: Simpson Grierson welcomes senior associate Katherine Viskovic

Simpson Grierson has strengthened its Wellington local government and environment team with the appointment of Katherine Viskovic as Senior Associate. Katherine joined the team on 8 September 2014.…

15 Sep 2014

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News: "Payment instead of notice" renders trial period clause defective

In Hutchison v Canon New Zealand Ltd [2014] NZERA Wellington 72, Mr Hutchison was advised on the 89th day, that his employment was being terminated in accordance with the trial period clause in his employment agreement. Mr Hutchison received one weeks' pay in accordance with his employment agreement which provided that Canon New Zealand Ltd may terminate his employment by giving "one week's written notice or payment instead of notice".…

12 Sep 2014

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News: Procedural Fairness – has the bar been set too high?

The Employment Relations Authority issued a decision last week awarding a farm worker remedies, despite finding that he had mistreated a farm animal and that his actions amounted to serious misconduct.…

08 Sep 2014

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