Professional Development

As our values state, we recognise people as key to our success and our achievements. We invest heavily in making sure that talent is recognised and developed in all employees.

Our high-performance culture

We have a high-performance culture. We expect and encourage professional development at all levels. We invest generously in partner and staff development and provide a wide range of development opportunities to aid success.

Our own partners and senior lawyers deliver most of our technical legal training. We also work with universities, business schools, and industry leaders to ensure we deliver relevant in-house training programmes.

You will have the opportunity to attend skill development workshops. These workshops cover drafting, client interviewing, networking skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, business acumen, time management, technology training, and more.

You will also have the opportunity to attend external conferences and networking meetings.

S.T.R.I.V.E. for excellence

STRIVE is your career map and our career management framework. It stands for Success through Review, Innovation, Vision, and Education. The STRIVE framework enables you to see what knowledge and skills you must develop to progress to the next level in your career.

We use the STRIVE career management framework to assess your performance, identify any skill or knowledge gaps, and promote and reward you. 


Every year a small group of senior staff are invited to take part in the firm's leadership programme, 'Good to Great'. This programme provides exceptional professional and personal insights and development opportunities that will benefit you for the rest of your life. We also have a mentoring programme that supports the career development of junior staff by fostering relationships with more experienced partners and senior lawyers.

Study support

You may decide to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate study. If the study is relevant to your current or future roles, we will provide time off to attend lectures and tutorials, pay between 50%-100% of your fees, and provide you with study and exam leave.

We also encourage lawyers to undertake postgraduate study overseas. We may provide financial assistance, leave of absence, and, where appropriate, a referral to an overseas law firm for work experience.


We understand how overwhelming meeting new people and learning new systems can be. We have a designed a comprehensive orientation programme for each person who joins the firm. Each programme is tailored to suit the specific role. It guarantees that your induction into the firm will be seamless. 

You will also be assigned a buddy, to help you settle in. Your buddy will be another work group member and will be there to answer questions and offer support.