Every infrastructure project is different, but they often have one thing in common - complexity - both in the scope of areas involved and the number of stakeholders to satisfy.

Regardless of whether a client is a lender, developer, contractor, investor, public sector agency, sponsor, or consultant, there a multitude of interacting activities involved. And each has its own unique opportunities and risks.

The stakes for any infrastructure development are high. Many projects will have a major commercial and logistical impact for large numbers of people. Some are iconic in nature, while others come under intense public scrutiny. Getting it right, from the early planning stages through to project completion, is the only true measure of success.

We pride ourselves on knowing the practical as well as the legal aspects of any major project or infrastructure development. This gives us an understanding of what all participants want and need to achieve.

We have the largest infrastructure group in New Zealand. We are true specialists, who cover the full spectrum of property and infrastructure activities from planning, legislative compliance, property acquisition, financing, procurement, construction, and operating, through to divesting and dispute resolution.

We have in-depth expertise across all industry sectors, gained from involvement in thousands of major projects over the last 20 years.

Recent Work

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