Jan 2015 to Mar 2015

FYI: Intellectual Property – Denim Wars 2.0

25 Mar 2015

You may recall G-Star Raw’s 2013 High Court claim against Jeanswest Corporation (New Zealand) Ltd in which G-Star was awarded a very meagre $325 in damages for copyright infringement of the "5620 Elwood" jean design...

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FYI: Corporate Advisory – Unfair contract terms: why your standard form consumer contracts should be reviewed now!

17 Mar 2015

In September of last year we reported on the amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1986 with regard to the introduction of a prohibition on ‘unfair contract terms’ in standard form consumer contracts...

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FYI: Intellectual Property Law – Supreme Court refuses leave to appeal trade mark “awareness” case

13 Mar 2015

Only a few trade mark cases make it to the Supreme Court. New Zealand’s highest Court has confirmed that the "Sex Wax" case will not be one of them.…

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FYI: Intellectual Property Law

Only a few trade mark cases make it to the Supreme Court. New Zealand’s highest Court has confirmed that the "Sex Wax" case will not be one of them. Although it denied the trade mark applicant leave to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision, the Supreme Court has helpfully affirmed the Court of Appeal’s clarification of the test for "awareness" of a trade mark...

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FYI: Tax – Long-awaited R&D initiatives included in latest tax bill

09 Mar 2015

In May 2014, we discussed the Government’s budget announcement that it would proceed with two R&D related tax measures. Nine months later, a bill proposing to implement these measures has been introduced...

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FYI: Construction Law – The Construction Contracts Amendment Bill - Nearly there!

06 Mar 2015

Two years on from when it was first introduced, New Zealand’s construction industry is still eagerly anticipating the passage of the Construction Contracts Amendment Bill (Bill) into law. The Bill is currently awaiting its third reading in Parliament...

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FYI: Privacy Law – Put ‘privacy’ at the top of the agenda

06 Mar 2015

Last year it was health and safety, this year privacy should be on every board room agenda. This FYI highlights some of the privacy issues facing corporates when dealing with personal information and big data....

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FYI: Employment Law – Rude baker takes the cake in damages

05 Mar 2015

The Human Rights Review Tribunal (Tribunal) has awarded Karen Hammond, a former employee of NZCU Baywide (NZCU) a record $168,070 in damages after finding that NZCU breached her privacy. The case raises issues about privacy in the context of social networking...

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Law Guides: Asia Employment Law Update

01 Jan 2015

Simpson Grierson's Employment Law Group is pleased to have the opportunity to continue to participate in the Asia Employment Law Quarterly Review, in conjunction with its employment law associates throughout the Asia Pacific...

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