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October 2015


FYIs are articles that consider current issues, law changes and significant court decisions. To suggest a topic for a future FYI, please click on the 'Suggest an FYI' page on the left hand navigation bar. To receive FYIs via email on your choice of topic, please click on 'register to receive our publications' at the end of this page.

FYI: Tax Law – New “Bright-line” test for sales of residential land

02 Oct 2015

A new "bright-line" test is being introduced that will impose income tax on any gain from residential land purchased and sold (or otherwise transferred) within two years, unless an exception applies...

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FYI: Commercial Litigation – Cancelling commercial leases & licences – how much notice to give?

30 Sep 2015

Since 1 January 2008, a commercial lease or licence can only be cancelled in accordance with the "cancellation code" prescribed by the Act...

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FYI: Tax Law – New tax rules applying to land transfers

11 Sep 2015

Amendments to the Land Transfer Act 1952 passed on 10 September will, from 1 October, require buyers and sellers (and other transferors and transferees) of land to provide a tax statement as part of the land transfer registration process...

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FYI: Information & Communications Technology – Digital Convergence: TIME for review

04 Sep 2015

The convergence of the telecommunications, IT, media and entertainment (TIME) sectors and the Government’s response to the challenges and opportunities...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – Fashion Week 2015: a chic update to the last year of IP and fashion

24 Aug 2015

Regardless of your price point or personal taste, fashion is always a hot area for intellectual property disputes and 2015 was no different. We look at some of the highlights of the last year...

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