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Climate Change & Emissions Trading

The legal environment of climate change demands a broad spectrum of specialist expertise, as clients seek to respond and adapt to the challenges and opportunities of a carbon-constrained future.

Our emissions trading specialists work collaboratively with our other specialist practice areas to assist clients in both the public and private sectors on various climate change projects. These projects include renewable energy projects, forest sinks, and other carbon sequestration, plus policy development and implementation. We also advise on emissions trading - documentation, compliance, and managing transition to the new regulatory regime, including impacts on existing commercial relationships.

We offer assistance on all aspects of clean energy and carbon sink projects, including joint ventures and other structuring (including tax), venture capital, project finance, intellectual property protection, land access and development, resource management consents, construction contracts, procurement, output supply arrangements, and related regulatory processes.

Examples of our work

  • Ministry for the Environment - Carbon Accounting System
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - implementation of various renewable energy projects
  • New Zealand Carbon Farming - acting in relation to its New Zealand wide (ETS) leasing programme
  • Wave energy project - including joint venture structures, and intellectual property
  • Aotearoa Wave - various projects
  • Tidal Energy Association - various projects
  • Participants (both mandatory and voluntary) - advice on entry into and compliance with the New Zealand emissions trading scheme and establishing trading arrangements
  • Various clients - ability to pass through emissions trading scheme costs under existing (and future) contractual arrangements
  • Various clients - the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative (including New Zealand's first PFSI forests) and emissions trading scheme regimes, the differences between the two regimes and which regime to participate in
  • Proposed establishment of forest sinks in New Zealand - terms of an emission reduction purchase agreement, land acquisition, tax effective structuring and operational advice on planting, harvesting, processing, distribution and exporting