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May 2015


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FYI: Corporate Advisory – Takeovers Panel releases guidance on “association” under the Takeovers Code

13 May 2015

The Takeovers Panel has released new guidance on "association" under lock-up agreements and shareholders’ agreements (see Code Word 39). There has not been a radical shift in the Panel’s approach, but the new guidance offers some helpful clarifications...

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FYI: Competition Law – Update

15 Apr 2015

In this FYI we report on a recent Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) introduced to amend the Cartel Bill – this suggests the enactment of the Cartel Bill isn’t far off...

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FYI: Corporate Advisory – Unfair contract terms: why your standard form consumer contracts should be reviewed now!

17 Mar 2015

In September of last year we reported on the amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1986 with regard to the introduction of a prohibition on ‘unfair contract terms’ in standard form consumer contracts...

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