Intellectual Property

October 2015


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FYI: Information & Communications Technology – Digital Convergence: TIME for review

04 Sep 2015

The convergence of the telecommunications, IT, media and entertainment (TIME) sectors and the Government’s response to the challenges and opportunities...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – Fashion Week 2015: a chic update to the last year of IP and fashion

24 Aug 2015

Regardless of your price point or personal taste, fashion is always a hot area for intellectual property disputes and 2015 was no different. We look at some of the highlights of the last year...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – IP border protection notices: What can they do for your business?

18 Aug 2015

The trade in tangible counterfeit or infringing goods is a key concern for many businesses...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – Trend spotting: non-traditional trade marks are hot right now

21 Jul 2015

Like many areas of the law, trade mark practice is well established and slow to change. So, when IP practitioners spot a trend in the approach to trade mark protection, it is generally worth talking about...

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FYI: Intellectual Property Law – Revocation - is your trade mark vulnerable?

25 Jun 2015

Applying for and getting registration of a trade mark in New Zealand is relatively simple. However, having a trade mark registration does not necessarily give you protection forever...

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