Intellectual Property

April 2014


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FYI: Intellectual Property – Coke v Pepsi - What's all the fizz about?

01 Apr 2014

The rivalry between drinks brands Coke and Pepsi is the stuff of legend. The latest instalment of this litigated saga is the High Court decision that Frucor and PepsiCo were not infringing Coca Cola’s 3D shape trade mark for the familiar Coke bottle by using Pepsi’s recently minted Carolina bottle...

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FYI: Commercial Litigation/IP – Interim injunctions - the potential cost of winning the battle but losing the war

11 Feb 2014

One of the most effective litigation remedies is the interim injunction preserving the current status pending trial. Viewed as a first strike weapon, it can make or break a case...

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FYI: Intellectual Property – Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, here’s some IP news

13 Dec 2013

It is time to look back on another busy year in the intellectual property world as we head into the silly season. In this article, we report on some of the curious intellectual property issues that have arisen in 2013...

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