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Legal Innovation Briefing - December edition

December 05, 2018


Partners Simon Vannini
Senior Associates Louise Taylor
Management Caroline Ferguson

Digital & new technologies Legal innovation & technology

Welcome to this month’s Legal Innovation Briefing, a monthly selection of insights and updates curated for in-house legal teams.  

Making legal processes more accessible, usable and engaging - the practice of legal design is gathering momentum.

There is a growing portfolio of global examples of how in-house teams, law firms, organisations and universities have adopted design mind-sets and methodologies to enhance legal processes. From helping people understand complex arbitration processes to privacy policies that people actually want to read, the opportunities are endless.

The recent Legal Design Geek event in London was an excellent showcase of some of the world’s leading legal design experts.


Charlotte Baker from Wavelength.Law provided a great summary of the key principles to remember when running a legal design project:

  • keep the user at the centre
  • lead with the problem
  • keep it simple
  • take small steps.

The Big Idea: Collaborating to enhance the contract management lifecyle

Successfully managing the contract management lifecycle is a significant task for most organisations, particularly large corporates.

In order to explore potential ways to enhance the process, a legal design challenge involving 50 organisations from around the world, including Simpson Grierson, is set to launch in early 2019. Led by DWF, Radiant Law, Lex360 and Wavelength Law, the plan is to collaboratively produce a benchmark standard or guide for the contract management lifecycle. With a broad range of players from the legal industry involved we expect the outputs to be practical and helpful for all types of organisations.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Caroline Ferguson here.

What we are up to: Survey - transformation activity of NZ in-house teams

We’ve had a great response to our “Transforming the In-house Legal Team” survey. Later in the week we will be sharing the key results and insights - initially with those who completed the survey and then with a wider audience.

It has been fascinating reviewing the responses. It is clear that there is a lot of transformation activity happening and that most in-house teams are experiencing positive results. Interestingly there were many similarities in the drivers for such activities, the areas of focus going forward, and also the challenges faced when implementing changes.



Digest: Legal Design Resources

If you are keen to learn more about legal design, here are a couple of our favourite resources/sites:

  • Law by Design - a wonderful eBook by Margaret Hagan, the Director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford University. It contains lots of practical advice and information on what legal design is, the key mindsets and mechanics
  • Open Law Lab - also a project of Margaret Hagan, this site has great resources and ideas for redesigning legal processes, making law more visual and improving access to justice.