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Legal Innovation Briefing - March edition

March 07, 2018


Partners Simon Vannini
Senior Associates Louise Taylor
Management Caroline Ferguson

Digital & new technologies Legal innovation & technology

Welcome to the second edition of the Legal Innovation Briefing, a monthly selection of insights and updates curated for in-house legal teams. 

The recent Digital Nations 2030 conference and Digital 5 Summit highlighted the importance of government and businesses working to support the lifelong learning of their people. In particular, ensuring the constant development of digital skills and capabilities is key. 

An increasingly popular role in the legal sector is that of the legal engineer. They are usually defined as someone who operates at the intersection of data, design, technology and law.  As the capability model from Wavelength Law mentioned below shows, it is a toolbox approach which includes many parts.

If the legal engineer role sparks your interest, there are lots of local and global events taking place over the next month or so that will touch on the role. We have listed these below.

We love to discuss developments in the legal sector so be sure to get in touch if there is anything you would like to explore further.

The Big Idea: building a legal capability model fit for the future

Since forming in 2016 in Cambridge (UK), Wavelength Law has established a world leading team of legal engineers.

They have also created a capability model to help explain the different elements that need to come together to effectively solve legal challenges. 

The elements include human interaction, integration of systems and data, and core capabilities such as document automation, data visualisation, expert systems and text analytics and extraction. 

Wavelength has found that by building the model and highlighting the various elements, it moves the conversation and focus away from simply “I think we need some AI…” towards providing the actual detail needed to solve a challenge. 

For more information on the capability model, click here to read a recent blog post from Wavelength.

LegalTechNZ survey

As mentioned in the February edition, LegalTechNZ was launched at the end of last year. The organisation’s mission is to facilitate the development and adoption of legal technology in New Zealand. 

In order to create a programme of valuable events and education sessions, LegalTechNZ has put together a survey on the current state of legal technology in New Zealand and to gather feedback on which areas the community would like assistance.  We encourage you to complete the survey.

What we are up to: workshop series for in-house teams and Tech Predictions masterclass

After gathering feedback from in-house contacts, our Business Transformation team has put together a series of practical and interactive workshops.

Kicking off on 3 May, the workshops will take place in our Auckland office every four weeks on a Thursday morning from 8.00 - 9:30am (breakfast provided). 

More information and invitations will be sent in the next couple of weeks but for now be sure to take note of the first three dates and topics: 

  • 3 May - tips for making sustainable process improvements

  • 14 June - how legal teams can effectively engage with agile processes

  • 12 July  - knowledge and information sharing within and across departments

Our annual Tech Predictions INSIGHTS masterclass will be held on Tuesday 27 March from 8.00 - 9.00am. In the session, Simon Vannini, Louise Taylor and Caroline Ferguson will look at the top predictions for the technology sector for 2018, and what these ideas mean for New Zealand businesses and consumers. Click here to register.

Digest: Local and Global Legal Innovation events to attend/follow

There is also a lot happening in the local and global legal innovation space over the next couple of months. Key events to attend / follow remotely include: