Our 2021 employment law 'top issues' survey results show that Holidays Act reform is still a top 'business critical' issue for employers. However, the range of employment issues thrown up by Covid-19 and related disruptions are also looming large.

In our previous surveys, simplification of the Holidays Act 2003 was the top concern by a significant margin. It was again the top concern this year, but by a much slimmer margin (53% of respondents selected it as a main issue compared to 82% last year). Specifically, respondents had reservations over whether the Holidays Act Taskforce recommendations will lead to the Holidays Act being simplified or only add to the existing complexity and cost.

Other key issues

  • Fair Pay Agreements - 34% identified the setting of minimum standards for all employees and employers in a particular industry or occupation as a key issue

  • Bullying and harassment - 24% want greater guidance on what is bullying and harassment and how to manage it

  • Fixed Term Agreements - 21% of respondents want the Government to make it simpler to employ staff for a valid fixed term period.


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