The renewable energy landscape is transforming at an electrifying pace, and it’s an exciting time for New Zealand’s energy sector, with plenty of renewable project announcements and regulatory news.

At Simpson Grierson, our experts are at the forefront of developments in renewable energy, and we’re pleased to launch the second edition of our Energy Outlook, highlighting key developments, and what we expect to see for the rest of this year.

Our Energy Outlook June 2024 report takes a look at:

  • The new Government's impact on the renewables sector seven months in
  • The Fast-Track Approvals Bill and industry response to it
  • Modern slavery and best practice
  • Potential of offshore wind farms
  • Map updates showing current and future clean energy developments.

Download our Energy Outlook below and get in touch with a member of our Energy Team for assistance with your next project or investment.

Map links for renewable energy projects

IMPORTANT NOTE: These maps are currently being updated for accuracy. While we endeavour to provide the most accurate information available, the energy market is rapidly developing, and not all information is publicly available.

Energy Outlook Map - Operational

Energy Outlook Map - Planning

Energy Outlook Map - Consented

Energy Outlook Map - In development

Energy Outlook Map - Announced


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